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Offshore Outbound Call Centers In India

Outbound Call Centers In India

Outbound call center services generate business for companies over the telephone by generating leads and converting them into sales. Faith Call Center manages your outbound campaign. It efficiently generates sales leads, processes account collections, raises funds and administers research surveys. In short, it takes care of all your outsourcing needs.

Our associates possess excellent communication and marketing skills. They are thoroughly trained in and adequately exposed to outbound telemarketing. With outbound call centers, you will also receive feedback on customer satisfaction with the services you provide.Through outbound call center services, our telemarketers educate prospective customers about your products and services, thus generating business leads for you. You can also use our services for hiring experienced staff commensurate with your business needs, investing in infrastructure, public relations and market surveys.

Our team at Faith Call Center specializes in product sales, offering customer support, generating business leads, outbound telemarketing services, conducting customer satisfaction surveys, third party verification and product launches.

We begin by understanding your requirements and commensurate with the requirements, serve your customers efficiently. If you desire any modification in the service we provide or want to add features to the service we provide, it can be taken care of. Your suggestions to optimize the services we provide are always welcome.

Benefits accruing from outsourcing outbound call center services to us

  • Increased agent productivity.
  • Improved sales results.
  • Lower infrastructure and labor costs.
  • Quality monitoring system.
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Increased business agility.
  • Dedicated staff with proven marketing skills.
  • Customer care executives, 24x7x365
  • Call tracking for your referenceM

Our outbound call center renders the following services:

Appointment Setting Services

Outsource your appointment-setting requirements to us. After all, nothing can match a face-to-face meeting when it comes to closing a deal. Through intensive cultivation we make it easier for you to convert a prospective customer into a convinced buyer. Outsource this important task to us and convert prospects into buyers!

Database Management Services

By outsourcing database services to us, you can update data, take up data mining and achieve data collection, amongst other things. We can also analyze the database of your existing customers and identify fresh business opportunities for you. Involved though the process is, by outsourcing it to us, you can tap our experience and generate more business.

Lead Generation Services

Generating leads and converting them into sales is both an art and science at which Faith Call Center excels. Lead generation, not being a part of core business, many businesses outsource this activity to faithcallcenter. Our experts will help such businesses in generating more leads and converting them into business. By outsourcing this service to us, you are ensuring that the transition from lead to sale is smooth and swift.

Market Intelligence Services

If you outsource market intelligence services to a specialist like Faith Call Center you can focus on your core business. The real time market intelligence that our team provides can help your business realize its potential. By outsourcing the daunting task of gathering market intelligence to us, you can access reliable market intelligence and hedge your business against possible risks.

Toll-free Customer Support

Businesses these days outsource toll-free customer support services because even as it reduces costs, outsourcing can help businesses render quality, toll-free customer support services in a professional manner. Our team handles such calls professionally and ensures that your business earns copious customer goodwill. Outsource this service to us and see the difference!

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

About its products and services, a business would like to hear from the horse’s mouth – nothing more, nothing else. At faithcallcenter this is what we exactly do – we enable businesses to get information about their products and services straight from the customer. This activity requires dedication, perseverance, professional approach and time – attributes which our team possesses. Outsource the task to us and save your time and reduce your costs.

Telesales & Customer Acquisition

Clinching sales and acquiring customers over the telephone is a daunting task but these days, businesses have to achieve the two tasks willy-nilly. Given the focus and perseverance the tasks require, businesses can ideally outsource these tasks to us at faithcallcenter and improve their market share cost-effectively and swiftly.


Outbound Telemarketing service is amongst the most important services rendered by faithcallcenter using its state-of-the-art call centers. We thus help businesses in generating leads, building customer databases and spotting new customers effortlessly and cost-effectively. When you outsource outbound call center services to us, we help you achieve quality competitiveness and price competitiveness by leveraging technology.

Cold Calling Services

If you outsource cold calling services to faithcallcenter, we telephone a stranger and try to sell them your product or services – not exactly an easy task for you but with our expertise and experience we make it happen! Outsource outbound call center services to us! We can transform the cold calls into actual sales calls. Our staff is skilled enough to do that. Under the guidance of the experienced professionals, who have accumulated skills over the years, we keep on delivering. We know how much the targets are important for our clients, and we take pride on our record of achieving them consistently.


Outsourcing to India – A Profitable Investment

Since the advent of global economy, outsourcing has become the order of today's business.India has risen as one of the most preferred destinations to scout for business process outsourcing companies. Many factors working in favor of India are high-end technology, best-of-breed infrastructure, cost effectiveness, time zone edge and a large number of manpower available which is educated and is fluent in English.

The world has become even since globalization and outsourcing has become the order of today's business. This outsourcing of manufacturing and service activities is benefiting not just the business firms and their employees but the entire economy of several countries. Nowadays businesses are taking advantage of modern communications technology particularly the internet in order to outsource the service activities to low-cost producers in other nations.



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Faith Call Center – Importance of Inbound Call Center Services

If you want to build robust relationship with your clients, then go for inbound call center services. Such services not only help you to improve your relationship with customers but also strengthen your brand identity. Attending customer's calls, queries and concerns are the primary functions of inbound call center services. Many times it happens that customer wants to enquire about product, facing some problems while purchasing, might have problems with already purchased products and many others. So it is the responsibility of inbound call center to resolve the issues and act as a link between the buyer and the business. Apart from that they also involved in activities like scheduling interviews with clients, accepting credit card payments, reservation desk services, database management services, trouble shooting and lots more.




We turned to Faith Call Center for help solving a market research problem involving complex subject matter and various data sets which required an in-depth industry understanding. They were able to very quickly and thoroughly understand the issues involved, and our key research needs. This enabled them to produce quantitative & qualitative interviews that generated desired result for us. They are a team of experienced researchers with a huge amount of enthusiasm. A good combination.

- CEO, Global Market Research Firm



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