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Book Typesetting & Pagination Services

book typesetting servicesTypesetting Services for book publishing require an amalgamation of technical professional expertise and experience to provide typography that is communicative as well as artistic.

Faith Call Center offers Typesetting services backed by long experience in publications of all varieties. Choosing the most appropriate application, we offer a typesetting design that suits your requirements as well as budget. We have the equipment and a team of professionals who have the requisite knowledge and expertise to handle the process. If you are looking for a service provider who you can trust with your typesetting job, you are at the right place. Our services include:

Services offered by us can be listed below as :

  • Typesetting
  • Pagination
  • Scanning and OCR

Our typesetting services help businesses in several ways:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Services by seasoned subject experts
  • Customized service if needed
Whatever be your requirements regarding book publishing services, we have the expertise to meet your needs. With the kind of experience, knowledge, and expertise at our disposal, we can assure you that your job will be done right. We like our clients come back to us for their work and we know, it is possible only when they are satisfied with job provided.

Contact Us for top notch Typesetting Services. We assure 100% satisfaction with our workmanship.

Pagination Services

We provide pagination services for niche publications; we support the first-time as well as veteran authors and publishers. The services are offered across all the phases of professional editorial, design as well as book production. In this swiftly changing web world, we have managed to maintain a high standard of publishing excellence for our customers worldwide. We value our commitments and our customers prefer to remain with us.

We work using new technologies and strive to measure every project against traditional bookmaking rules and practices. Pages need to be created utilizing advanced technology enabling you to track the quality raising the accountability standards higher. From layout designing to editing functions we handle all the operations. Our technicians as well as customer service specialists are skilled at managing all kinds of tasks. We successfully handle tasks with your team in order to ascertain an error-free documents/ e-books.

We also support the Authors by creating an online bookstore as well as website options.

Our services include the following:

  • Layout and master preparation: We have top designers who will be able to help with the best layout preparation as well as master preparation.
  • Cover design: Proper cover design will enhance the value of your e-book/ document.
  • Document editing: We have professional editors who will be able to edit your document in order to produce flawless products.
  • Image scanning: Proper image scanning will ensure better quality e-publishing.
  • High quantity printing: We ensure high quality printing for all kinds of publishing tasks.
Our team comprises of experienced professionals with comprehensive skills deft at carrying out all the functions related to publication. Get the best services at rock-bottom prices; just go for our services you will be glad you opted for us.

Scanning and OCR Services

Our scanning and OCR services will help you to:

  • Convert paper documents to editable text format like Word.
  • Save time, aggravation as well as money.
  • Convert manuals as well as other publications for sharing over internet or intranet.
  • Handle data recovery in case hard drive crashes or other disasters where only hard copy is left.

Through our Scanning and OCR services you can convert documents that can’t be easily changed into editable files. Files that have been created will enable you to look for as well as locate files quickly; it will also enable you to search by the subject, phrase, keywords, etc.

Our services will assist you to convert image files to HTML and store documents digitally. Through proper scanning as well as OCR services you can easily access and manage electronic files. Our services will also help to store files securely online as well as transport them electronically.

We have assisted a large number of companies save significant time, storage space as well as money. We help them convert the documents into conveniently stored, conveniently-searched electronic format. We work with all kinds of documents including books, newspaper archives, mechanical drawings, or any other documents considered vital by you.

At Faith Call Center we have professionals with years of experience in their domain. Our experts are deft at managing all kinds of tasks related to e-publishing. We ensure complete customer satisfaction in all our services and operations.

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Outsourcing to India – A Profitable Investment

Since the advent of global economy, outsourcing has become the order of today's business.India has risen as one of the most preferred destinations to scout for business process outsourcing companies. Many factors working in favor of India are high-end technology, best-of-breed infrastructure, cost effectiveness, time zone edge and a large number of manpower available which is educated and is fluent in English.

The world has become even since globalization and outsourcing has become the order of today's business. This outsourcing of manufacturing and service activities is benefiting not just the business firms and their employees but the entire economy of several countries. Nowadays businesses are taking advantage of modern communications technology particularly the internet in order to outsource the service activities to low-cost producers in other nations.



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Faith Call Center – Importance of Inbound Call Center Services

If you want to build robust relationship with your clients, then go for inbound call center services. Such services not only help you to improve your relationship with customers but also strengthen your brand identity. Attending customer's calls, queries and concerns are the primary functions of inbound call center services. Many times it happens that customer wants to enquire about product, facing some problems while purchasing, might have problems with already purchased products and many others. So it is the responsibility of inbound call center to resolve the issues and act as a link between the buyer and the business. Apart from that they also involved in activities like scheduling interviews with clients, accepting credit card payments, reservation desk services, database management services, trouble shooting and lots more.




We turned to Faith Call Center for help solving a market research problem involving complex subject matter and various data sets which required an in-depth industry understanding. They were able to very quickly and thoroughly understand the issues involved, and our key research needs. This enabled them to produce quantitative & qualitative interviews that generated desired result for us. They are a team of experienced researchers with a huge amount of enthusiasm. A good combination.

- CEO, Global Market Research Firm



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