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India is an emerging to be a major IT/ ITes service provider. With a large population of educated professionals the company has ample resource to invest in the IT/ ITes domain. But why would you go for an Indian offshore call center services provider. Well, there are several reasons for the same.

Some important reasons why Indian call centers need to be chosen in place of the call centers from other countries are given below: India comes with the largest number of English speaking population after United States. There is no dearth of qualified population in India. Millions of youngsters graduate out of college every year.

A good percentage of the college pass-outs possess English speaking skills and can be made to learn the customer handling techniques quite easily. After a brief training they are fit to join a call center as a trainee.

Ample manpower due to shortage of jobs: Owing to the dearth of jobs here, percentage of people seeking jobs is high. As a result there is no shortage of candidates applying for positions in call center. Cheap resources: The cost of living in India is very low as compared to that in US or other western countries. Owing to this the resources are cheap here.

The salary demanded by the professionals in India is much less as compared to the same demanded by the professionals in the west as a result it is better to invest in India. The standard of Indian offshore call center services providers has improved significantly: The last few years have seen a significant improvement in the standard of the call centers in India. The country has good standard of human and material resources. All these contribute to improve the quality of the call center services offered.

Benefits of Time Zone: This is one of the very important advantages. India is many hours ahead of many companies in the west. The country allows the firms to function round the clock. Moreover the tasks completed during the night time in US (day time in India) can assessed during the daytime in US. This makes the task execution easy and simple. Tax advantages: Since the government of India realizes the benefits of outsourcing to the nation it comes with special advantages for the companies investing in India. As a result the companies going for investment in India enjoy a lot of privileges in terms of cost.


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