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B2B Content Lead Generation

Content Lead Generation – understanding the term

For any business to survive, customer is the vital parameter. You need customers for your business to keep going successfully. Similarly, for any marketing strategy to succeed, you need to generate leads. Lead generation is the most important aspect of content marketing. It helps initiate customer queries and/or inquiries for your product or service. It may be considered as a type of advertising, but it can also fall under the non-paid services such as search engine results or referrals. White paper lead generation is a classic case that falls under the content marketing strategy.

The need for Content Lead Generation

The need for Content Lead Generation

If you want to turn your prospective customers into permanent buyers of your goods or services, then you need to get good leads. Good leads get you prospective customers who would contribute towards the increase in business for your company and hence profits for your organization. Content lead generation can dramatically help you in this aspect.

Outsourcing Content Lead Generation

Outsourcing B2B lead generation can provide you with professional services like content marketing. Outsourcing can also give you access to some of the best sales results. It can, in turn, add a boost to your productivity and hence increase your business / revenue.

Outsourcing can also be advantageous as it gets a professional touch. An efficient content lead generation team is put to work, and it can give you the best results with a proficient performance of marketing services. With a regular increase in leads, you can expect tremendous growth in business for your company as well. With strategies such as white paper lead generation, not only can you increase your online reputation and worth but getting the contact details and therefore prospective clients are relatively a snap.

How can we help you:

We are the market leaders in content syndication and lead generation in India and have been in the B2B industry for 2 decades. We begin by analyzing and defining the objectives of the client and setting short term or long-term goals. Thereafter, we devise the B2B lead generation strategy appropriate to the clients’ requirements.

What’s in there for You:

Increase in sales – You can definitely expect an increase in your sales with our lead generation process. It can reduce the time you spend on marketing and sales while increasing your customer database. We can help you gain new customers in a short time span.

Updating on real-time basis – We update you about every lead generation on real-time basis. You can not only view the status but also access any information from anywhere and at any time.

Economical services – By outsourcing lead generation to us, you save tremendously on costs. Our services are very economical. We help you reduce costs on manpower, infrastructure and at the same time, we help you save on time and effort.

Our Telemarketing, BANT, HQL, SQL and MQL, ABM ,Webinars or Appointment Generation campaigns have assisted some of the end clients in the Fortune 1000 companies around the world capture the prospects thereby accelerating their quarterly sales and our references will surely have few good things to talk about us.

Content Syndication

Content Syndication

An Overview

Content syndication is a lead generation method that works by republishing content in different formats across different platforms and third-party sites. B2B Content syndication helps distribute your content to a wider audience increasing reach and number of people knowing about your product.

A market study showed the syndication effect:

The real people behind the numbers are the professionals who are looking for enriching content that helps them reach their goals in vendor or solution-oriented research initiatives. With numerous marketers vying for the attention of the customers, it becomes even more vital to inform and influence. The percentage of C-level personal targeting expectations is nearly 95% while that of managers is around 75%. A breakdown of the reality of lead generation shows the following data

Employee Level Reality of Lead Generation
Manager 20%
C-Level 14%
Director 13%
VP 5%
Individual Contributor 4%
Senior Manager 4%
Senior Employee 4%
Senior Director 3%
Supervisor 1% 1%
Senior VP 1%

The Power of the Manager


  • 25% of the active audience is most likely to be managers and are most likely (compared to other job levels) request for more than one piece of content
  • Managers have demand and bandwidth of content
  • Managers can influence buying decisions
  • Managers gather information and skills
  • In most cases, managers are targeted 21% less often than C level, which makes them less likely to have competing content

A breakdown of employees proffering more than one content request

  • Manager – 25%
  • Director and C-Level – 16%
  • Senior Employees – 11%

Use words that stick

Most common words that convinced people are Productivity, Interview, Leadership, Security (in the same order). It was found that content with "Tips" them focused on workforce management was the most popular content. The other content details consumed by managers in 2017 were:

  • Best practices (what to do/what not to do)
  • e-books with titles such as Train, Lead, Learn, Success

Close the Gap

It was found that managers take the least amount of time to go through the requested content. So, if the sales team contacts within a day or two, they will be able to get a better response. The time taken for employees at different levels to consume content is as follows:

  • Senior manager – 24 hours
  • Manager – 26 hours
  • C-level – 33 hours
  • Owner – 44 hours

What are the benefits of outsourcing content syndication to us?

  • We can reach out to verified contacts globally
  • We can exclusively send targeted message to potential leads
  • We can create custom target audiences based on your business
  • We can create campaigns that can be executed across various channels and platforms
  • We can support various content formats including infographics, webinars, videos, white papers, eBooks, blogs, articles, case studies, press releases and interviews

MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads

What are Marketing Qualified Leads?

Market Qualifying Leads Actions

Closed loop analytics show that marketing qualified leads are more likely to convert to a client as he/she has shown interest in your service or product and has dropped an enquiry. An MQL is different from a sales qualified lead as the marketing qualified lead has shown interest in your business, either directly or indirectly while the sales qualified lead is identified by the sales team.

There are two types of prospects generated by Marketing Qualified Lead generation process:
Prospect – The prospect is genuinely interested in your business and has come for a solution
Suspect - The suspect is just browsing around, looking for options, and ideas. The suspect may or may not convert to a customer.

What are the Market Qualifying Leads Actions?

  • The various actions that can help us identify MQLs are:
  • Downloads demo, e-book, trial edition
  • Fills the enquiry form or other online forms
  • Subscribes to the mailing list
  • Visits your site repeatedly.

BANT Leads – Budget Authority Time and Need

What is BANT?

BANT (Budget Authority Time and Need) lets you qualify leads based on various aspects, criteria, and prospects to generate Highly Qualified Leads (HQLs). These highly qualified leads allow you to connect only with warm prospects so that you can get more conversions. It can be time consuming and expensive to get high qualified leads at the bottom of the funnel. A tailored approach helps you make the most of BANT techniques to get HQLs at the bottom of the funnel.

With years of experience in B2B lead generation, Faith Call Center has expertise in HQL and BANT leads. We make use of our best lead generation model to get HQLs that meet your BANT and sales requirements.

How to prioritize BANT requirements?

Generally, leads that qualify 3 of the 4 criteria are chosen for a follow up. However, selecting the most important criteria depends on the service or product and your lead generation timeline and other specific expectations.

An approximate budget plan is created, and the leads that are ready to spend the amount can be followed up. Else, they can be waitlisted for times when the budget changes or discounts and deals are offered.

Identify the decision maker and follow up on the lead.

Identify if the lead has an actual requirement of the product/service offered by your business.

Follow up on the lead if their expected timeline matches with your lead generation time line.

What are the benefits of using BANT leads generation?

The many benefits of using BANT for lead generation are:

  • Reduces time spent from identifying to converting the lead
  • Increases average conversion
  • Improves coordination between the sales and marketing teams
  • Saves time spent on chasing leads that may not qualify

Why outsource BANT leads generation to us?

We are experts in lead generation and in identifying the right leads based on the business, sector, customer profile and other BANT parameters. Outsource your lead generation process to us and get the best leads that your sales team can convert.

ABM – Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing(ABM) – Overview

Successful ABM Plan

Account Based Marketing(ABM) is a more tactful and contemporary approach adopted by companies as a part of their marketing and sales strategy. In this approach, the organization considers and communicates with individual prospects or customer accounts as markets of one. Markets are becoming more and more commoditized, and there is a very thin line of difference left between the suppliers and the competitors. Under such a situation, price becomes the decisive factor for the customer. Hence, ABM is being increasingly adopted by those companies who are under the pressure of commoditization.

How does Account Based Marketing(ABM) work?

Working together as a unit – Sales and the marketing teams work together as a unit. They come together to identify the accounts that they need to target and devise effective messages. The sales team then delivers this message very appropriately at the right time to the clients. Hence, it is a work of co-ordination between the sales and the marketing teams.

Goes beyond the traditional – Lead generation is no longer the task of merely the marketing team. It has become more of a customer decision which is affected both by sales and marketing - alike.

Integration of campaigns – Account based marketing(ABM) is not merely advertising or marketing. It is a more closely and integrated, work focused, targeted, multi-channel campaign.

Personal focus – Creation of personalized web content is another feature of account-based marketing.

How can we make your account-based marketing(ABM) plan successful?

Identify your key accounts – We begin by identifying your key accounts. Those accounts that could turn into prospective clients for your company. Our team does this by scanning historical data and evaluating the length of your sales cycle.

Understanding your requirements – Our Account Based Marketing(ABM) team understands your processes deeply. We take into consideration your pain points and work in close tandem with your sales team making your ABM plan a complete success.

Create appropriate messages – Only after tactful analyzing of your current content and assessing how it would help the buyer, referring to your account list and mapping existing content to the accounts – our team prepares a message to be sent out ensuring that it would be a win-win situation for your company.

Planning – We help in creating a plan that helps you decide how the content fits in. More than just marketing

Account Based Marketing(ABM) is more than a marketing buzzword. It is a strategy that savvy business concerns are now adopting to drive in excess revenues for their business. As more and more business organizations are shifting focus to more account-centric, it is vital that your company devises solutions that help you target and measure prospective accounts!

HQL – High Qualified Leads

Generating high quality leads depends on many factors. We use a balance of different factors based on your business requirements and lead generation method to identify and follow on high-quality leads that are more likely to be converted. We use various processes like prospect verification, criteria filtration, content relevancy, download intent, and reports and analytics before confirming it to be a high-quality lead. Our unique strategy for each lead generation process helps us narrow down the search and send only warm prospects to your sales team.

Benefits of outsourcing high quality lead

How we find High Qualified Leads?

  • Our team identifies leads with buying interest and confirms their interest before transferring to your sales team
  • We see how prospective leads interact with third party assets, downloads, checklists and other factors before following up on them
  • We identify leads that are actively looking for solutions offered by your business
  • We track buying signals to predict demand for various product/service categories offered by your company

What are the benefits of outsourcing high-quality lead generation to us?

  • We provide warm prospects with a higher rate of conversions
  • We give leads who have verbally acquiesced for a demo or a sales talk
  • We provide details about prospect priorities and requirements
  • We give complete information about your marketing database
  • We only provide relevant leads

SRL – Sales Ready Leads

Sales ready leads

A lead is qualified as sales ready if the lead fits one or most of the below criteria

  • Is interested in knowing more about the product/service
  • Is in a position to influence the purchase decision
  • Is affiliated with the prospect

Faith Call Center uses B2B lead generation techniques like BANT, confirmed call back leads and product demo, and appointment setting to identify the sales ready leads.

BANT Leads

Our team uses the BANT technique to identify leads that are most likely to convert. Factors such as Budget, authority, Need and Timeline are used to narrow down the lead generation process, such that only qualified leads to enter the sales funnel.

Confirmed call backs and Demo
These marketing qualified leads are identified by our team based on their acceptance or interest in knowing more about the product/service or other factors like signing up for a demo, filling an online form or clicking on an advertisement related to the product/service offered by your business.

Appointment setting
We take care of the pre-qualifying and nurturing activities to make prospective leads interested in setting up an appointment to know more about your services/products. We give you warm/hot prospects to your sales team.

Appointment Setting

Advantages of outsourcing your appointment setting services

Our team at Faith Call Center can take care of all your appointment setting services. Appointment is not just checking the calendar and giving the lead a time to call regarding the demo or product details, it a complex process that involves nurturing the lead, recommending various customized solutions and gathering other details before setting up the appointment.

Once the appointment is fixed, the sales ready lead is then transferred to your sales team for the follow up demo or sales pitch.

What are the advantages of outsourcing your appointment setting services to us?

  • We take care of all the background verification, lead nurturing services and other details and transfer only sales-ready leads to your sales team
  • Your sales team can focus only on high-quality leads that have more conversion prospects
  • Your sales team can spend more time working on the sales pitch/demo and other details instead of filtering leads

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