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Outsource Call Center Services To India

Since the advent of global economy, outsourcing has become the order of today’s business .India has risen as one of the most preferred destinations to scout for business process outsourcing companies. Many factors working in favor of India are high-end technology, best-of-breed infrastructure, cost effectiveness, time zone edge and a large number of manpower available which is educated and is fluent in English. This has helped Fortune companies to shift focus to Innovation.

Almost every business organization is stepping a new stone of growth and development with the assistance of outsourcing as it is cost effective and the energy of business can be directed at the competencies of a particular business. It is also beneficial in terms of making a more efficient use of labor, capital, technology and resources. Many researches and surveys conducted recently, to gather figurative information about these outsourcing companies as well as their performance show India as one of the most preferred locations to scout for business process outsourcing companies.

India has high-end technology, best-of-breed infrastructure and time zone edge. These three factors have made it the global hub for offshore business process outsourcing. The same services with the same level of quality are offered in India at a much lower cost in comparison to other countries. India offers organized functionality, great flexibility and cost effective structured process coupled with the technical expertise and value added facilities. All these save hidden costs like training, overheads and infrastructure cost which can eat up your investment. Organizations don’t have to spend on setting up the right kind of technology and later maintaining it.

Outsourcing your call center services to Faith Call Center, be it telemarketing or high end help desk support, guarantees you with the most cost effective solution & quality. We will help you retain your existing customers as well as bring in some more through many of our call center services. Browse more to learn more about our call center services that we offer.

Our Recruitment Process

The recruitment we undertake at Faith Call Center on behalf of our clients is a 5-level process. What transpires in each round is furnished in the following paragraphs, round-wise:

  • Round 1: Personal Introduction
  • Round 2: English Test
  • Round 3: Communication Skill
  • Round 4: Operations‚ Process Suitability
  • Round 5: HR‚ Values, Culture, Salary

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