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Account Based Marketing(ABM)

Account Based Marketing(ABM) – Overview

Account Based Marketing(ABM) is a more tactful and contemporary approach adopted by companies as a part of their marketing and sales strategy. In this approach, the organization considers and communicates with individual prospects or customer accounts as markets of one. Markets are becoming more and more commoditized and there is a very thin line of difference left between the suppliers and the competitors. Under such a situation, price becomes the decisive factor for the customer. Hence, ABM is being increasing adopted by those companies who are under the pressure of commoditization.

How does Account Based Marketing(ABM) work?

  • Working together as a unit – Sales and the marketing teams work together as a unit. They come together to identify the accounts that they need to target and devise effective messages. The sales team then delivers this message very appropriately at the right time to the clients. Hence, it is a work of co-ordination between the sales and the marketing teams.
  • Goes beyond the traditional – Lead generation is not longer the task of merely the marketing team. It has become more of a customer decision which is affected both by sales and marketing - alike.
  • Integration of campaigns – Account based marketing(ABM) is not merely advertising or marketing. It is a more closely and integrated, work focused, targeted, multi-channel campaign.
  • Personal focus – Creation of personalized web content is another feature of account based marketing.

How can we make your account based marketing(ABM) plan successful?

  • Identify your key accounts – We begin by identifying your key accounts. Those accounts that could turn into prospective clients for your company. Our team does this by scanning historical data and evaluating the length of your sales cycle.
  • Understanding of your requirements – Our Account Based Marketing(ABM) team understands your processes deeply. We take into consideration your pain points and work in close tandem with your sales team making your ABM plan a complete success.
  • Create appropriate messages – Only after tactful analyzing of your current content and assessing how it would help the buyer, referring to your account list and mapping existing content to the accounts – our team prepares a message to be sent out ensuring that it would be a win-win situation for your company.
  • Planning – We help in creating a plan that helps you decide how the content fits in.

More than just marketing

Account Based Marketing(ABM) is more than a marketing buzzword. It is a strategy that savvy business concerns are now adopting to drive in excess revenues for their business. As more and more business organizations are shifting focus to more account-centric, it is vital that your company devises solutions that help you target and measure prospective accounts!

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