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Technical Helpdesk Support Services in India

This is an integrated helpdesk support manned by qualified IT engineers with hands-on experience in customer handling. They are handpicked to suit the requirements of the business that outsources the Helpdesk support services to us. They are apprised of specific product features and functions, the client requirements and business rules, reporting systems, escalation processes, etc, by a mentor. But outsourcing this high-end service to us, you will be saving your valuable time, money and at the same time, making a professional job of it. Make the best of this helpdesk support in India provided by us to optimize your business today.

Remote IT Support Services

Buyers of hi-tech products and services insist on post-sale technical support services in India so they can resolve issues that might arise while exploiting the product / service. During the warranty period, such support is crucial because how the support is provided can make or mar the business. Businesses can play it safe by outsourcing the remote helpdesk support service, live answering service to Faith Call Center. Apart from providing support to your customers we can serve as an internal remote Helpdesk to your employees. We provide regular training to our staff working for these services and have an in-built mechanism to keep tab on the efficiency of work. By outsourcing to us, the clients can be assured of the quality of the services while focusing on their core business.

Pre-sales Support Services

  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution: We help your customer whenever troubleshooting is needed. We also help your customer resolve his / her problems as and when they arise.
  • Installation Support: We help your customer with tech support services during installation of the software solutions.
  • Warranty Support: We extend support to your customer during the period the warranty is in force.
  • Desktop Support: We support apt Desk top support too.
  • Application Support: We extend support to your customer whenever application-related problems arise.

Post-sales Support Services

  • Network Support
  • Remote Network Services
  • Remote Server Services : Remote server management is also provided
  • Remote Infrastructure Support: We offer infrastructure support to your customers remotely


  • Voice Support
  • E-mail Support
  • Chat Support

Enterprise Technical Helpdesk Support Services

  • Issue Resolutions
  • Knowledge Management
  • Application Support
  • Reporting and Decision Support
  • Software Support
  • Ticketing

Few of the Inbound Services that we offer are

  1. Customer Support
  2. Order Taking and Fullfillment
  3. Answering services
  4. 24/7 support
  5. Technical and Non Technical Support
  6. Inbound Sales

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The rapport that we have with Faith Call Center is very good and we trust their capability in terms of getting us the desired success metrics all the time. The manner of discipline in their work is very commendable as they always value deadlines and deliver excellent results to help us grow.

Worlds Top Auditing Firm

IThe success of my company is because of the positive and progressive rate of return on investment (ROI) that my insurance business gained. Thanks to the highly proactive and efficient team of Faith Call Center. I am truly happy with the results and the association with them for the best of our business.

Leading U.S. Insurance Company

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Deloitte -  Technical Support Services
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Viva -  Technical Support Services
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