Streamline Your Lead Generation Process with BANT

Remember your boss telling you “Every lead is worth chasing down?” Well this concept may no longer be relevant in most sales cycles. Instead of spreading yourself wide across all the leads you generate, you need to focus on leads that you know are going to convert, maybe today or the next year! IBM conceived an idea known as BANT, which is now being effectively used in many businesses to identify and follow up on leads that have a better chance of conversion.

What is BANT?

BANT is an acronym of Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeline.

B – Do the leads have the budget for your product/service?

A – Is the lead authorized to make the purchase or is someone else the decision maker?

N – How much do they need the service/product you are offering?

T – When does the lead want to purchase?

How to choose leads based on BANT?

On a general rule, sales team pick leads that qualify on 3 of the 4 criteria in the BANT leads list to follow up on the lead. However, choosing the criteria depends on the service or product that you are offering or the expectation of the lead.


If the lead doesn’t have a budget to make the purchase, then you will surely not want to follow up on the lead. However, you could put it on hold and contact them if and when you have any deals or discounts that they may be interested in.


Authority is an important factor in determining whether or not you need to follow up on the lead. If you are just having back-to-back discussions with a lead who has no authority to sanction the purchase, then you could be wasting a lot of your time. It would be better if you can ask to talk to the decision maker and then decide whether or not to follow up on the lead.

Does the lead actually need the service or product you are offering? If no, it is not worth your time following it up. You can start working on leads who may require it.


Most sales persons get frustrated because they diligently follow up on leads and then find out that they are looking at a longer timeline. Get the details and also check if they are looking for other solutions or options.

You can identify the right leads using BANT and follow up on them to streamline your lead generation process. Identifying the most important criteria of BANT depends on your leads, business and process. Work efficiently and get maximum conversion of your BANT lead follow ups.

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January 22nd, 2019

A Virtual Assistant with Value Addition

The basic premise

Some of your tasks, though mundane are rather important for the smooth functioning of your day-to-day business such as answering mails and phone calls, scheduling appointments, database update and other such administrative tasks. They can take up a chunk of your time and resources. You can easily hire a virtual assistant to take care of these routine tasks so you can concentrate on your core business tasks. Virtual assistant services in India are a great option in terms of money, reliability and quality. We can help you hire a decent virtual assistant in India. Read on to know more.

How to hire a virtual assistant?

  • Recommendations: Ask within your network.
  • The Internet: The next best place to turn to and you will have plenty of options such as virtual assistant services in India to find the best match. The testimonials will give you a fair idea about their services.
  • Pay right: Quality comes at a price and therefore be open to pay a fair rate.
  • Resume: The person’s experience lets you decide if he/she matches your requirement.
  • Telephonic interview: Gives a peek into the language fluency, connectivity, availability and the approachability of the assistant.
  • Proficiency tests: Performance at online tests for the skills will help you hire with confidence.
  • References: Talking to the references will help you judge better about the working style and ethics of the assistant you are looking to hire.
  • Trial task: a sample and/or a small paid trial task will help you decide the suitability of the virtual assistant from India.

What to look for in the virtual assistant?

  • Language proficiency both written as well as spoken
  • Speed of response
  • Availability in case of different time zones
  • Attention to detail
  • Policies pertaining to sensitive information
  • Strong time management skills
  • Willingness to use project management and time management software

Where to hire a virtual assistant?

As already mentioned, asking for recommendations within your network and/or scouring the Internet are two ways to hire a virtual assistant. Faith Call Center offers virtual assistant services in India. With years of experience, an impeccable track record and strong commitment towards client privacy and data security, we can bring in value addition to your business.

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December 13th, 2018

Tips for an effective B2B lead generation strategy


The basic aim of any lead generation campaign happens to be the initiation of consumer interest. In case of B2B lead generation, rather than the end consumer, the B2B lead generation strategies are designed to pique the interest of the people in the higher ranks such as CEOs, managers and so on. They are also meant to cater to long-term interests involving longer sales cycles.

Though businesses employ a wide range of B2B lead generation tactics, the goal of each of the B2B marketing strategies happens to be more leads, more sales and more ROI.

The process

B2B lead generation


There are several lead generation marketing practices in use currently. Some though old have stood the test of time, but several new practices have been adopted to cater to the changing demographics of the customers as well as to accommodate the increasing digital interaction that has become the norm.

Successful B2B lead generation plan

To help businesses develop a successful B2B lead generation plan and promote themselves effectively, a number of B2B lead generation companies are available who can come up with a host of tried and tested B2B lead generation ideas.


B2B lead generation plan

Following are some of the useful strategies as far as B2B lead generation is concerned:

  • Make the communication as personalized as possible as it tugs the right cords and gives you the edge, especially in the cases of email and content marketing.
  • Make the best use of the available consumer data, especially the pages they visit to gauge their intent and play to their liking for a more personalized and effective consumer experience that can do wonders for your business.
  • Post blog content regularly, about 11 or more times in a month, to attract traffic to your website that will by default increase the B2B lead generation too.
  • Keep your website as up-to-date and as interactive as possible. The content, its presentation and the ease of finding the desired information can greatly influence the buying decisions.
  • Live chat functions are quite useful and can positively influence your website visitors.
  • Use the email marketing to your fullest advantage as it generates maximum results for minimum cost.
  • Develop a strong incentivized referral program as word-of-mouth referrals are successful in more ways than one.
  • Make use of live events or their online counterpart, which is a webinar, as they offer a great opportunity for B2B lead generation.
  • Use the social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat effectively to your advantage.
  • Create brand awareness by answering queries related to your brand, services and/or products on Quora.
  • A mobile device in every hand only entails that your website is optimized to quickly load on mobile devices as slower mobile sites can really hurt your business prospects.

Take the help of a reputed and experienced B2B lead generation company to ensure higher ROI and boost your bottom and top lines.

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November 17th, 2018

6 Tips for Deploying Market Research Surveys

In such a highly competitive market, it is essential that you know the market trends and understand how your competitors are doing before you launch a new product or extend a particular service. Market research surveys can give you the right information, so that you can make an informed decision. You can either use your marketing team to conduct the survey or outsource data validation services to ensure an unbiased survey is conducted.

Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind before deploying a market research survey.


  1. Define the purpose of the survey

Before you start the survey, you need to clearly define the goals of the survey. Do you want to do a survey to find out what the customers are thinking about your products/services? Do you want to survey the market to identify gaps that you can capitalize on?


  1. Define the respondents of your survey

If you need the right answers, then you should ask the right people. Clearly define the demographics so that the questions are addressed to the right group of people. Determining the respondents depends on your products/services end users.


  1. Define the questions that you want to ask

There are two types of researches – quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative research helps you get data in numbers or percentages while qualitative research gets you information and feedback. You need to frame the questions based on the type of information you want to collect.


  1. Determine the modes to use to reach out to the respondents

The most commonly used modes of market research are emails, telephones, online forms, and face-to-face. The mode of data collection that you decide on depends on the demographics, time limit, and of course, your budget.


  1. Determine the process you will use to analyze the survey results

After you have collected all the data, you need to have a scientific method for data analysis. You can use data validation services of an expert or big data tools to analyze the data. This part is very important as it determines the success of your market survey.


  1. Determine how you would like to showcase your results

After you have gathered data and analyzed them, you need to use the right modes to showcase the results of your market research. You can publish a white paper or an infographic outlining the research and results. If you are submitting a report to the top management, then use graph and charts to illustrate your findings.

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October 16th, 2018

How to Use White Papers for Lead Generation ?

It is a known fact that B2C marketing techniques are completely different from B2B marketing. From the mode of marketing to the target audience, both need to have different approaches. A recent market research found that nearly 60% of respondents said that white papers are the best way to reach out to the B2B audience. A white paper is not a sales pitch, but an informational post. It is generally aimed at the mid and senior management in a company. If you want to use whitepapers for lead generation, keep the below points in mind:


Choose a topic that attracts the reader


An important aspect of online lead generation is to write posts that appeal to the reader and attract their attention. The topic should trigger their attention, answer their question, or question them to explore your post to find answers.


Write informational, not marketing posts


As mentioned earlier, white papers are meant to give much information as possible to the reader. Keep the audience in mind when you create the white paper. You need to back up the content in your post with relevant data, market survey reports, and trends. The white paper needs to be based on the service or product offered by the company and should give relevant information to the decision makers in the purchasing company.


Support facts with graphics


Market studies show that posts with images are more likely to capture the reader’s interest and attention than posts without graphics and images. So, have as many charts, graphs, and diagrams to explain the context of your white paper. While using whitepapers for lead generation, you need to keep your readers focused and encourage them to visit your websites. Plus, the graphics will help the reader easily understand the information you present in your white paper.


Promote your whitepaper


Whitepapers for lead generation is effective only when you promote your content across various channels. You can create blogs based on your white paper and share them across different engines. The social media is a great platform to reach out to a wide audience. If you have email subscribers, you can share your whitepaper with all your subscribers. Effectively promote white papers and generate more leads.

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October 16th, 2018

What Makes a Great Multilingual Call Center?

Though English call centers are the dominant force in the sector, companies with global presence are offering the facility of native language support to their customers in order to strengthen and expand the satisfaction level of their customers. Consequently there is a continuous rise in the number of multilingual call centers in the market. Call centers have also significantly evolved in the services they deliver that is no longer restricted to voice support over the phone. Rather the services include email and web chat communications and social media interactions as well.

Following are some of the capabilities you must look for when you decide to hire the services of a third party to handle your customer support service:

  • A good email management system with following features:
    • Automation solutions for classifying and sorting emails based on the content
    • Routing, tracking and prioritizing an email based on the content and the customer id
    • Automatic acknowledgement of receipt of a customer email with a ticket number for easy tracking
    • A recommendation agent that suggests answers to the questions raised in the email
  • A real-time web chat with the following capabilities:
    • Compiling the transcript of a customer chat interaction for later use whenever required
    • A chat bot functionality to welcome and productively engage the customer while waiting for the customer representative
    • Sending URLs, text and multimedia files and pushing a webpage to the window on the customer’s screen when required such as providing links to self help instructions
  • Good social media engagement, in case you desire and that varies depends on the social media platform you choose to engage with your customers


Multilingual call centers in India is a great choice if you are planning to outsource the support to third party vendors for the following reasons:

  • Skilled call center agents with adequate training
  • Time zone advantage that allows 24×7 customer support
  • Technical and infrastructural capabilities
  • Cost-effective services
  • Years of experience

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September 10th, 2018

Hire the Best B2B Lead Generation Service in India

Clients are the prime reason for the existence of any company and leads are the source for the clients. So, it’ll not be an overstatement to say that leads are the lifeline of your company that bring in clients and ultimately business, profits and growth. B2B lead generation, therefore, is an important task for any business and a crucial position to occupy.


Though the Internet can get you anything and everything these days, it can’t help you lay your hands on a bag full of leads. Instead you need to know how to use it strategically along the way in conjunction with other activities, interactions and effort for a successful lead generation. You may even take the help of B2B lead generation services in India and given their focus and expertise, you are more likely to taste success in the B2B lead generation task.


Following are some tips for B2B lead generation:

Social media

  • Use social media to direct visitors to your website by providing links to your website and/or your landing page
  • Create newsletter signups on your social media pages
  • Prompt your visitors to give you feedback, visit your landing page or present them with one of your products right there
  • LinkedIn is the strongest social media platform for B2B lead generation, so make sure you are active by joining groups, participating in discussions and even pay for lead collection.

Free stuff

  • Give away useful digital tools and/or resources, content, images, tracks, guides and more to your interested visitors
  • When they give you their email address for delivery of the stuff, it goes into your database for use as a lead

Marketing Automation

  • Helps you deliver the most relevant content to each of your target audience which increases the probability of converting them into your clients
  • It saves your time by taking care of time-consuming and repetitive marketing tasks
  • It even keeps track of the buying and social media behavior of your target audience to help you fine tune your marketing strategy in order to maximize the conversion rate
  • Though it’s not a breezy affair, if you put in hard work in the setup process, then the whole thing is a success

Take the help of one of the B2B lead generation services in India for a successful and convenient lead generation strategy that can do wonders for your business growth and profits.

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September 10th, 2018

Importance of customer support service

In any business scenario, customer is regarded as the king/queen and not without reasons. After all, customer is the prime reason for the existence and growth of your business, regardless of whether you are in the service or manufacturing sector. So, it goes without saying that if you treat the customer well, your business is sure to grow by leaps and bounds.


What is customer support service?

The service that your organization offers to the customers before, during and after the purchase of a product or service from your company is what is termed as customer support service. It covers a whole gamut of things right from how the employees interact with the customer, handle service requests both important and miniscule, receive the feedback both positive as well as negative and of course the quality of the service regarding the product or service. Basically, it is all about treating your customers with fairness and respect and making them feel valued and really good.


Why is it important?

Despite the fact that quality customer support service requires time, effort and resources on your part, the importance of customer service lies in the fact that it is the one of the most crucial factors that can generate new leads for your business making you successful in your field.


Customers generally share their opinions regarding the businesses they come in contact with both by means of word of mouth and online and via the social media. Therefore, the quality of your product and/or service and that of your customer service become all the more crucial. In addition, you also need to keep your eyes and ears open both in the real as well as the online world regarding the reviews about your company, so that you can quickly get to the problematic area and resolve it before any major damage is done.


Outsourcing Customer support service

Given the importance of customer service and its investment requirements, outsourcing it to a third party is a good idea. Find an ISO certified company with high quality and professional standards to take care of your customer support service and you can concentrate on the core areas of your business.

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July 9th, 2018

Data Validation Service: To Outsource or Not?

Just to refresh

Every company maintains several databases depending upon the nature of their business and every database is important to the company’s growth. Given the importance, it is highly essential that the information maintained in the databases is accurate and validated time and again to ensure that it remains up-to-date. Therefore data validation services are equally important if not more.

To outsource or not to outsource

As much as data validation services are important, they are resource intensive tasks that require time, investment and commitment. In addition, they may distract you from your core business goals. These are strong enough reasons to outsource data validation services to a third party. But there are certain reasons that work against outsourcing too. Let us have a look at reasons both for and against the outsourcing of the task.

Strong reasons for outsourcing

  • Cost effective: Rather than dedicating manpower and other resources to this crucial yet non-core task, it may be outsourced to a third party who specializes in it, which will definitely bring down the costs as well.
  • Expertise: Since the core function of the third party is data validation, they are better trained and more effective in carrying out this task.
  • Up-to-date task status: Since there is a dedicated team to take care of data validation, there is no lag in keeping your databases updated at all times.

Reasons to keep it in house

  • Data security and privacy: Your data is quite sensitive both for your business as well as for your customers and needs to be protected well. This is the most important reason against not outsourcing your data validation task to a third party.
  • Lax in task completion: A third party may not be as concerned about completing the task properly and diligently as much as you.

Though the reasons are strong enough for both the sides, if you choose an ISO certified company for outsourcing your data validation services in India, you can expect quality service at a nominal cost. With qualified and talented workforce and strong ethics and business norms, your decision to outsource data validation services in India will be in the best interests of your company.

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April 25th, 2018

Small team aspiring for better productivity? Get support of virtual assistant services for enhanced results

Achieving good productivity with a small team is always not that easy. Every small business firm started with a motive to build some great results will definitely faces problems. Especially in handling the customers as well as building the team in the same time. If you are in such condition feeling difficult to manage office assignments and clients simultaneously, then take support of the virtual assistant services.

The concept of Virtual assistant is almost the same like the outsourcing. The difference is outsourcing is given by the large companies with adequate budget. On the other side, virtual assistant in India and many other extents of the world provide best solution for your business needs in limited cost. These virtual assistant services are offered at hourly basis and it is cost effective too. Let us look into the benefits of having a virtual service for a small business.

Advantages of taking virtual assistant

  • Increase in productivity – The virtual assistant look after the repetitive activities and administrative activities of the business. So, business owners can concentrate more on bring creative products or outputs.
  • Reduced Man Power – Additional full time staffing is not necessary as the virtual assistants can do several tasks with great precise.
  • Cost effective – You don’t need to offer space, desk and internet that will reduce your administrative costs.
  • Round the clock support – Virtual assistant services will be available 24/7 through telephone and e-mail.
  • Task based services – Individual task based services reduce your financial tasks that includes billing, invoicing and assistance in administration tasks.

Types of Virtual assistance for small business firm

Professional service providers offering virtual assistant in India helps in small business firm in following activities

Marketing Assistance: Virtual services have in-depth knowledge of internet and helps in marketing of the business in online.

Executive assistance: Virtual services will be taking care of all secretarial and day to day activities saving the time of the boss. Some are contact management, calendar management, fixing appointment, etc.

Administrative assistance: Taking care of documentation and file updating, email management, database or CRM management and many more.

There are many other services like internet research, technical support services, data managing and data recovery services that are also offered by the virtual assistant services.

E-virtual services have always proved to be better than the normal full time working. Especially for small business firms it saves a lot of bucks and of course the valuable time too.

Think before you select a good virtual assistant service for your business. Empower them with a clear ideology about your business service. Sure, they will bring you the best results.

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April 10th, 2018