The key to effective email marketing campaign – Data Validation Service!!

Data Validation Service

Take a look back at the turn of the century… the millennium 2K was marked by the onset of rapid evolution of technological changes, coming of Internet and tech-savvy attitude of the people. There has always been a hot race to be ahead of each other and Internet has only contributed to the heat! One good thing that Internet has given is online marketing campaigns. It enables reaching out a larger and far spread consumer group thereby creating a wider market.


Effective Marketing Campaigns Online

Earlier the marketing campaign was more manual. Hence, it was very slow and restricted to geographical boundaries. The Internet has turned the scene! Business concerns entering the online marketing scene are depending more on the most effective marketing campaigns online – email marketing. Email marketing helps in effective communication with prospective customers and helps in creating new ones. But for your email marketing campaign to be effective to the core you need data validation services. Why? The need for data validation services arises because as your business grows and expands so does your database. So much so that there comes a point when your database runs into uncountable arrays of rows and columns only for you to realize that most of the data there is futile or irrelevant. Data validation helps cleanse your data by updating old records and replacing them with new ones. This further is an important step to facilitate effective marketing.


Should I hire manpower for the validation process? That can be a burden on your capital! There is absolutely no need to take up the task in house. Just as there are firms providing data entry services in India, data validation can also be sought. It can be handed over to professionals who are adept at the task and can provide a better and more accurate output.


So, if you are considering email marketing, then verification and validation process of the email ids is a vital parameter. It increases your ability to communicate with customers and retain existing ones. Invalid email opportunities are equal to lost opportunities or a sheer waste of time. Businesses have large volumes of data and email addresses in their databases. Handling the task on your own would not be feasible. Hence, leverage the technology and expertise of professionals and make your marketing campaign an instant hit!!

For economical and accurate end to end business solutions turn to data entry services in India!

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November 19th, 2016

India – the nucleus of 3D animation outsourcing market!!!

Special effects and 3D animations have now become an integral part of any business. With visual effects have a long lasting impression on the viewers; many are now seeking 3D animation services in India which is a growing hub of creative minds!


Have you ever wondered why there is such a hot race to seek the best 3D animation services in India? The answer is simple! India’s animation industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. Global giants who are synonymous with special effects – Walt Disney, Warner Brothers – are also seeking the services of 3D animation companies in India. It is not wrong when it is cited that animation industry today is mainly technology driven, but the deeper fact here is that it is 70% creative minds and 30% technology – and the hunt for the creative minds ends right here in India! Let us tell you why India is the hot spot for companies seeking animation services –


– When compared to countries who are giants and pioneers of animation like North America, Korea, and Philippines; the cost of production in India is merely 1/4th when compared to North America and 35% when compared to Korea and Philippines!

– All are aware that Indian entertainment industry ranks 2nd only to Hollywood and the equals. Hence, animation studios in the country are a pool of low-cost but skilled software engineers.

– India has set up many hi-tech studios which are capable of catering to overseas giants and voluminous tasks also.

– Animation companies train their manpower and keep them updated, hence the workforce here is very skilled and professionally up-to-date with the latest developments.

– A number of training programs from various institutes bring out large number of creative professionals into the field of 3D animation.


If you are looking to outsource 3D animation services then India is certainly the best choice to make for the outsourcing destination. 3D animation companies in India provide best quality output with state-of-art technology encompassing the standards that are required for international TV production programs – all this at substantially lower costs!!


Save some big bucks – outsource 3D animation services to India!!

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November 3rd, 2016