Why Should You Use Animation in Your Marketing?


The animation industry encompasses old traditional 2D animation to visual effects for feature films. 3D films and animation plays an important role in the film making industry. Advertising industry is incomplete without animation. The kind of impact it has on the people is evident from the kind of welcome it has. Animation is a term which makes one to recollect their funny and fancy characters in their childhood and enjoy the imitation of funny characters in real life. Not only kids, but several advertising companies are also eyeing the animation sector to boost their brand value.

Animation is always interesting!

The same content with dull and predictable style could be made interesting by just adding few animated characters which grabs the eyes like never before. That’s the kind of attention an ad film company wants.

Imagine and imagine like you are there

The funny but interesting thing is that people tend to visualize themselves or their favorite characters through animated ads which actually registers easily in their minds. Just think the kind of reach an animated ad film might enjoy with all those fancy characters who has crazy fans all over the globe.

Delivers the message straight

Animations help in communicating the message right to the target audience. Animations always goes deep and clear into people’s mind.

Creative services in India

In a world which is looking forward to discover new things and interesting concepts, the same old dull advertising techniques wouldn’t get you the click you are looking for. This is why creative services in India are indispensable.

If you are wondering what is creative services, then the answer is simple. It’s a service offered by a company that provides a combination of strategy, design, technology and advertising services to their clients. It is mainly made up of creative professionals in order to explore new ideas of marketing.

It involves designing of innovative logos to motion graphics to promote a product and much more using a media tool. The creative designs tend to attract the intellectuals and it is also a way of depicting professionalism.

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March 20th, 2017

All that you should know about inbound and outbound digital marketing

Inbound and Outbound Digital Marketing

Marketing teams in all companies and firms try to use both inbound and outbound digital marketing techniques to promote their products or services. Though both are vastly different in process and results, when both are used properly, companies can surely see good results over a period of time.

Inbound Marketing:

Hubspot defines inbound marketing as,” Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time.”  It is also defined as a new marketing method.

As the definition clearly explains, inbound marketing is used to create an environment where the customer reaches out to the company through various means. One method is through content lead generation. Good and relevant content published on various popular sites or company blog. If the visitor is happy and satisfied with the information provided in the write up, they could click on the link to come to the website. As the prospective customer makes the visit due to personal interest, the chances of conversion are relatively higher.

Outbound Marketing:

Opposite to inbound marketing, outbound techniques try to reach out to the prospective customer through various means. This traditional marketing technique has been employed by many companies over the years, even before the rise of the digital media. Media ads, television advertisements, cold calls by trained sales executives, email marketing, and in-person contact are some of the commonly used methods of outbound marketing. In this method, the company looks for means to reach out to the prospective customer and convince them about the product or services.

With increasing digitization, marketing teams prefer to employ inbound marketing techniques rather than outbound methods. The evolution of the social media platforms and increased awareness of customers are two reasons that have spurred the use of inbound marketing techniques. In order to reach out to a wider audience and make a stand in the competitive marketing, companies should use a combination of both inbound and outbound digital marketing techniques.

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March 2nd, 2017