How does CATI Software Help in Outbound Lead Generation?

Market Research Survey CATI

For any successful business to prosper it is essential to have a detailed knowledge about the customer demands and market condition. This is achieved by the thorough market study techniques and targeted customer analysis through surveys. So nowadays, market research survey cati services or the surveys conducted by Computer-Aided telephonic interviews(CATI), are very popular and are offered by several call centre services.

How does it help in outbound lead generation?

In market research survey CATI surveys, the executives ask a questionnaire which is on the desktop screen and the interviewee answers the queries according to the parameters or conditions based on their experience. In this way, it increases the potential business sales opportunity as the business directly interacts with the user and sends their message or feedback directly. This higher the chances of outbound lead generation.

How does it work?

The CATI software that is integrated with the telephonic survey generally modifies the next question flow according to the answers entered in the screen. At first the computer screen shows the questionnaire to the executive who is the interviewer and a telephone number is then dialled by the computer when it is instructed by the executive. After the call connects, the interviewee is informed about the purpose and the parameters and the questions are read out to which the interviewee answers. These answers are registered and recorded in the computer itself. The CATI software aids in precise data collection required for the survey. This data can also be kept for future use. Precise data analysis Mhelps in promotion of the brand and outbound lead generation.

The research team on the other hand help in preparation of the questionnaire for the survey based on the targeted group of customers. The market research survey CATI software use the latest technologies like voice amplitude analyser to study the vocal nature of the spoken words and number of words and speed of conversation. Knowing the nature of the customers will help in efficient management of the customer care services. In this respect two very important aspects of a successful business are customer services and data security. Every call centre should have the top-notch customer services with specialized skills and impeccable data security track record.

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September 19th, 2017

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