What Makes a Great Multilingual Call Center?

Multilingual Call Center

Though English call centers are the dominant force in the sector, companies with global presence are offering the facility of native language support to their customers in order to strengthen and expand the satisfaction level of their customers. Consequently there is a continuous rise in the number of multilingual call centers in the market. Call centers have also significantly evolved in the services they deliver that is no longer restricted to voice support over the phone. Rather the services include email and web chat communications and social media interactions as well.

Following are some of the capabilities you must look for when you decide to hire the services of a third party to handle your customer support service:

  • A good email management system with following features:
    • Automation solutions for classifying and sorting emails based on the content
    • Routing, tracking and prioritizing an email based on the content and the customer id
    • Automatic acknowledgement of receipt of a customer email with a ticket number for easy tracking
    • A recommendation agent that suggests answers to the questions raised in the email
  • A real-time web chat with the following capabilities:
    • Compiling the transcript of a customer chat interaction for later use whenever required
    • A chat bot functionality to welcome and productively engage the customer while waiting for the customer representative
    • Sending URLs, text and multimedia files and pushing a webpage to the window on the customer’s screen when required such as providing links to self help instructions
  • Good social media engagement, in case you desire and that varies depends on the social media platform you choose to engage with your customers


Multilingual call centers in India is a great choice if you are planning to outsource the support to third party vendors for the following reasons:

  • Skilled call center agents with adequate training
  • Time zone advantage that allows 24×7 customer support
  • Technical and infrastructural capabilities
  • Cost-effective services
  • Years of experience

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September 10th, 2018

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